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Overcome workforce obstacles, so your teams can achieve. 

Measure Progress and Evaluate Success

Develop Skills, Behaviors, and Processes

Resolve Resistance to Organizational Change

Our Services’ Approach

The Value of What You Do is Measured by Your Impact on the World

We excel at uncovering the root causes, clarifying the challenge through performance objectives so you can measure the impact. Our solutions focus on people and behaviors that will make or break a new program or change initiative. This includes understanding resistance and unspoken obstacles. To accomplish this, we support you in the following ways:


  • Measurement: Creating measurement frameworks focused on clarifying and tracking business objectives so the value and impact of programs, initatives, and interventions can be articulated. 
  • Governance: Establishing a system of practices for how the company, program, or project operates and aligns the interests of mutiple stakeholder groups. Assessing risks and issues, developing mitigation strategies, and facilitating collaboration.
  • Workforce Education: Developing a comprehensive reskilling and upskilling training program that brings everyone forward.
  • Communications: Planning the internal and external communications strategy to support a change initiative with high transparency and integrity.
  • Evaluation: Creating assessment designs that evaluate progress and expose gaps so you can manage effectively. 

Our Expertise

Change Management

Strategic Alignment


Workforce Education

Communicate & Connect

Measurement & Evaluation

Bring Modern Tools & Methods to Each Project

We bring expertise in a variety of modern tools and methods, so that you’ll have successful and efficient outcomes. We use these to solve problems, establish processes, and create education programs that work.

Needs Assessment

Training & Evaluation Models

Measurement Frameworks

Change Management Models

Program Development

Project Planning & Management


20+ Years of Consulting Experience

We focus on advancing people and talent, enhancing organizational capabilities, and accelerating business performance.


Worldwide Perspective

We’ve worked with clients in the United States, the U.K., Europe, India, Australia, the Middle East, and Africa.


Doctorate in Behavior and Organization Change Management

Shawn Foley received his Doctorate of Education from The Pennsylvania State University’s Department of Learning and Performance Systems, a Master of Science in Instructional Technology from Bloomsburg University, gaining his experiential credit hours at the Institute for Interactive Technology.

You’ll Work with Our Senior Team

Unlike other companies, you get the senior team when you call FOLEYWORKS. This means faster results working on the right problem. Founder Shawn Foley brings unmatched expertise in diagnosing and then developing strategic solutions. The extended team helps execute under his leadership, depending on the size of your engagement. 

  • Master strategic problem solver and facilitator
  • Extensive global and industry experience to apply to your challenge
  • Deep expertise in workforce training – bringing the right modality to each situation 

Founder, Shawn Foley

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Case Studies

Global Expansion of Local Staffs

After a significant global expansion, the corporation needed to quickly hire and train its local staffing. A two-prong approach of new education programs and implementing a social media platform decreased "time to work" by 95% and saved USD $9.4M in cost avoidance...

Scaling Services through Centralization

Organized into five individual business units, a major healthcare education provider was struggling to keep up with demand. By centralizing services, they were able to achieve 57% growth.The Challenge A major healthcare education provider was struggling to scale its...

Using a Governance Team to Overcome Scaling Obstacles

Years of becoming increasingly siloed impacted the company's ability to scale. A governance team was put into place to decrease inter-departmental issues. This led to several improvements: achieved $1.2M in estimated efficiency gains, reduced 3 months time on each...

Client Praise

“We were fortunate to engage Shawn Foley to head up a large project. The project, to design and develop a program for review and approval of continuing education required by regulators, was complex with several moving parts that still needed definition.

Shawn quickly developed a project plan in measurable chunks and established a good working relationship with the client staff and committee. He developed the various rules, policies, processes, forms, evaluation rubrics, and ultimately a user guide for CE course providers that were reviewed and refined by the client group during scheduled meetings.

The entire project was completed in a matter of weeks, on the aggressive timeline and within budget. He then assisted in an informed handoff to the implementation team. We are engaging Shawn for another project. He’s a master at what he does.”

Li-Ann Kuan, Ph.D.

Vice President, Assessment Services, Prometric



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