Company Implements Change Management Strategy to Avoid Culture Crash

by | Feb 6, 2024

With fast expansion planned, NDN Companies needed a change management strategy to protect its exceptional culture. Through an Organizational Alignment Analysis, key values were identified and measured. The project culminated in a half-day workshop to solidify commitment.

The Challenge

As a smaller company, NDN Companies (NDN) enjoyed a strong, close-knit culture with enviable interpersonal dynamics. In the process of quickly scaling to a larger corporation, it needed a strategy in place to ensure its satisfaction, productivity, and collaboration would remain at a high level.

A primary concern was the ability to support the current culture and keep the small business experience while the business exponentially expanded. The most important value was to maintain strong communications and interpersonal relationships. Specifically, these included listening deeply to each other and their clients, ensuring open communication and transparency, supporting each other so that everyone is respected and can succeed, and fostering strong, long-lasting relationships.

The Solution

Foleyworks was brought in to evaluate the evolving culture, identify key areas at risk, and recommend preventative and remediative measures.

An Organizational Alignment Analysis was completed. To begin, all NDN leaders and staff were interviewed using the Performance Principles: the work, the people, and the system. Next, organizational and individual success drivers were identified. Then, performance improvement priorities were recommended and vetted.

The Results

These findings were used to develop a change management strategy.

  • Overall the culture was still in good health and employee morale was high. However, recommendations were given to ensure ways to improve communications and anchor the success drivers.
  • A half-day workshop was developed to solidify the plan and enroll everyone’s commitment. Individually and then as one team, they developed an action plan to create the change they desired for themselves, their colleagues, and NDN clients.
  • Ongoing team building and alignment exercises were identified and actioned. 


“Shawn challenges us to “see” each other as people first. Learn about one another and then use this new view to grow the team thru better communication, leadership, mentorship and overall kindness and consideration.

“Thank You, Shawn for lifting the cloth, letting us be vulnerable, adding accountability and giving us tools to be even better!” 

- Chief Operating Officer

Skills: Strategy · Communication · Consulting · Change Management · Organizational Development · Customer Experience · Performance Improvement · Talent Management · Team Leadership · Team Building · Collaboration Design

About Shawn Foley

Dr. Shawn Foley, Founder of FOLEYWORKS, has spent his career in management consulting, education services, and information sciences, working both in the United States and internationally. His focus has been on advancing people and talent, enhancing organizational capabilities, and accelerating the performance of businesses.

Internationally, he was a leader for workforce education and organizational development at Cerner, an Information Technology company, operating in the United Kingdom, Europe, India, Australia, the Middle East, and Africa. His  primary roles have been in education design, business development, information sciences, data analysis, and IT consulting leadership.

Shawn has also taught and presented worldwide on over 60 topics in information sciences, behavior change, organizational development, communication sciences, diversity and inclusion, and executive leadership coaching.

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