Healthcare System Develops New Education Strategy during $2.4 Billion Merger

by | Feb 6, 2024

During a $2.4 billion merger, a health care system needed a new education strategy to ensure a smooth transition and strong productivity measures. When COVID-19 occurred, all courses had to be 100% remote accessible.   

The Challenge

During a $2.4 billion merger, this newly formed health care system needed to quickly bring operations together and create a centralized education system. This would support standardized processes and technology integration. In addition, four separate education teams needed to be brought together to improve effectiveness. 

While a comprehensive education strategy was developed, it wasn’t yet aligned with the new corporate goals. There was also no way to measure training effectiveness or team productivity. To complicate matters, COVID occurred, forcing the entire service offering to become 100% remote accessible.

The Solution

Dr. Shawn Foley was hired to evaluate the overall strategy, identify gaps, make recommendations, then oversee implementation of operational improvements and direct the education teams. 

  1. Brought together 21 staff members from four different teams
  2. Developed the strategy and vision for operations to follow
  3. Redefined the education goals and operational tactics
  4. Created a measurement framework complete with performance indicators
  5. Properly aligned resources and talent for optimal delivery. 

The teams were refocused on ways to accelerate strategic initiatives first, then they developed applicable curricula and measurement tools to align with that focus. Once this was completed, materials were created to move the entire education offering online.

The Results

To streamline operations and improve communications, the four teams were restructured into one team with three service lines. Foleyworks directly managed 21 employees and 3 service lines (Delivery, Coaching, eLearning) during this effort.  

  • Directed 190 educational programs supporting +30 IT applications for +13K staff
  • Delivered 1.6K classes and 14K hours of coaching 
  • Managed 6K hours of content development and maintained +600 education modules
  • Added 14 courses and 1.9K hours of instruction without adding staff 
  • Achieved cost savings of $400K by modernizing the learning model, tools, and technologies
  • Achieved 90% staff competency rate and 92% staff satisfaction with service offerings  

“Shawn continuously demonstrated strong leadership, communication and organizational skills as he worked to align our IT Learning Services department with the evolving business climate.”

- e-Learning Developer & Trainer

“Shawn was able to lead the organization during an ambiguous time with the pandemic. He was able to achieve this by his perseverance, courageousness, and self-discipline. His business savvy is complemented by his leadership skills, worldliness and humility.”

- IT Education Assistant

Skills: Strategy · Educational Leadership · Team Management · Change Management · Performance Management · Change Initiatives · L&D Strategy · Educational Technology · InfoTech Process & Performance Improvement · Talent Development · Project Management · Instructional Design

About Shawn Foley

Dr. Shawn Foley, Founder of FOLEYWORKS, has spent his career in management consulting, education services, and information sciences, working both in the United States and internationally. His focus has been on advancing people and talent, enhancing organizational capabilities, and accelerating the performance of businesses.

Internationally, he was a leader for workforce education and organizational development at Cerner, an Information Technology company, operating in the United Kingdom, Europe, India, Australia, the Middle East, and Africa. His  primary roles have been in education design, business development, information sciences, data analysis, and IT consulting leadership.

Shawn has also taught and presented worldwide on over 60 topics in information sciences, behavior change, organizational development, communication sciences, diversity and inclusion, and executive leadership coaching.

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