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Meet Our Collaboration Partners

Our business model is different from well-known consultancies, where you originally meet with a very seasoned professional and then receive day-to-day services from the “B” team with a templated solution. As part of a collaboration network, we bring in the right experienced experts throughout your project. This means you always work with proven professionals. We identify the right problems to solve, then have the expertise to recommend the right solutions and execute quickly.

Organizational Design / Culture Change

Amy J. Wilson

Organizational Design, Innovation, & Empathy 

Amy guides the transformation of people & organizations to meet the realities of today. She has worked with thousands of people within the private and public sectors. I collaborate with Amy to voice powerful stories that advance cooperative action.

She is the Founder and Steward of Empathy Action Lab, a brave space for purpose-driven change leaders and organizations to build community and/or drive meaningful transformations. Amy is also a Facilitator of the Ethics & Technology course at Stanford University and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (FRSA). 

Heather Campbell

Transformational Talent & Culture Partner

Heather applies her extensive knowledge honed at high-growth companies to foster inclusive, vibrant, and high-performing workplace cultures and teams. I engage Heather to provide premium design and implementation services, melding best-in-class organizational practices that empower your talent and advances your programs to scale so that your business can evolve, grow, and actualize your vision.

Founder of CultureQI, Heather is a talent development strategist and culture architect with over two decades of experience enhancing corporate environments.

Hind Karns

Multi-Cultural Experience, Management, & Operations 

Hind specializes in creating people-centric cultures that foster collaboration, leadership, and growth. She leads through transparent stakeholder alignment and proven change management engagements. I plan with Hind so that organizations can build capacity and expand capabilities through agility and action.

Hind is Managing Director of WEMANIGIT and a serial entrepreneur. She brings a combination of real-world international experience and big picture creativity to every engagement. 

Workforce Education / Communications

Tory Hord

Transformational Learning & Multimedia Development Partner

Tory is an ideator who evolves and transforms learning initiatives into performance journeys that reach new heights of excellence. I create designs with Tory that pave the way to a brighter future for individuals, teams, and organizations. Her passion resides in the partnerships she fosters to ensure business solutions meet both strategic and operational goals.

Tory has a Masters Degree in Instructional Design and Technology and holds the CPTD (Certified Professional of Talent Development) credentials.

Paul Sackett

Executive HR Consultant & HR Partner

Paul propels businesses forward through strategic human resource management. I work with Paul to provide top-tier HR solutions tailored to the specific challenges and objectives our clients have.

As the founder of YourHR, Paul ensures companies have the right people, skills, and resources to achieve their missions, providing invaluable support in navigating HR complexities. Paul’s services cover everything from employee relations to compliance, training, and organizational development. His commitment to finding efficiencies and building lasting partnerships is unmatched.

Suzie Nussel

Marketing, Brand & Strategic Communications Partner

Suzie is a consultant with 20 years’ experience whom I call upon to support projects that need strong marketing strategies, consumer research, marketing communications, and product innovation. Her passion is constant improvement and sparking delight. Suzie assists her clients in finding their voice whether the focus is a business, service, product, team, or organization.

Suzie is a Facilitator of Creative Problem Solving and Design Thinking. Clients and former employers include Warner-Brothers Discovery, AOL, and Wikimedia Foundation. 

Workforce Performance

Erin Fajen

Collaboration & Performance Partner

As an Everything DiSC® Authorized Partner, Erin is dedicated to helping leaders create collaborative and productive work environments where people bring out the best in each other. I connect with Erin to empower workplace cultures through trust, inclusion, and cultivating personal connections through self-awareness and insight. 

Erin is Founder & CEO of On the Up. Previously, she worked at Cerner Corporation as a Senior Learning Strategist. She has a Masters of Education from Clemson University. 

Dr. Laura Janusik

Communications Coaching Partner

Dr. Janusik works on business challenges that are the result of poor communication. Laura ensures that everyone working for you has the understanding, abilities, and qualities that are necessary for effective communication in whichever role they engage (internal or client facing). I listen to Laura when our clients need a dynamic Communication Coach or Consultant to improve their skills in communication, active listening, negotiation and persuasion, presentation skills, and/or conflict resolution. She is a leading expert in listening and positions listening as the back door to effective communication. 

Laura is CEO of Listening to Change, where she helps individuals and teams align and speak the same language through the Power of Listening. Laura is a Certified Listening Professional and Certified ECHO Listening Profile Partner.

Sheena Lance-Nold

Leadership & Coaching Consultant & Partner

Sheena has over 15 years of experience delivering innovative onboarding and training programs to enhance staff knowledge, success, and retention. Sheena is a results-oriented professional whom I deliver with to optimize organizational structures, facilitate the achievement of business goals, and advance your team’s vision, mission, and strategic alignment. 

Sheena is founder and CEO of SLN Coaching & Consulting. She holds a Master of Science in Positive Psychology, a B.S. in Nutrition and is a ICF Certified Coach.

Stephen Smith

Performance and Learning Project Partner

Dr. Smith connects premier talent and great minds to improve performance. With over 20 years’ experience aligning the interests of corporations, governments, universities, and non-profits, Steve is my first call when I have the need to bring formal and informal teams together to accomplish occupational goals and community focused outcomes.

He expertly leads information governance initiatives bringing people, process, and technologies together. Steve holds a Doctorate in Instructional Systems Technology from Indiana University.

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