Restorative DEI+B Approach Improves Practices

by | Feb 6, 2024

Northern Pennsylvania Regional College needed a more holistic DEI+B approach. First, a DEI+B audit checklist, measurement framework, and stakeholder-aligned priorities were developed. These were then applied during a comprehensive audit of all major programs, policies, and practices.

The Challenge

Similar to many other institutions, Northern Pennsylvania Regional College (NPRC) aspired to create strong Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEI+B) practice. With 27 locations in 10 northern Pennsylvania counties, the target population is racially and economically diverse. As a college focused on meeting its students “where they are,” they knew there were areas to improve. They also wanted to better support its students with disabilities. 

The initial request was to conduct an institution-wide analysis of existing policies and practices through the DEI+B lens. This would cover all major assets, including all hiring and admissions’ procedures, student programs and services, and marketing materials. As work progressed, it became clear that a more holistic approach to change attitudes and minds would be required to effect true change.

The Solution

NPRC hired Foleyworks and its long-time partner Empathy for Change, working with guidance and direction from WEMANIGIT to develop a holistic DEI+B approach. During discovery, it was important to structure the project embracing DEI+B principles. Under the partner team’s direction and management, a 360° organization-wide approach was developed. 

Using the uncovered insights, NPRC prioritized and set goals for major improvement areas. Then, Foleyworks developed a comprehensive DEI+B audit process, performance objectives, and measurement framework.

The Results

A comprehensive audit tool and evaluation instrument was conducted, and recommendations were provided. This process will continue to be used to maintain inclusive practices, policies, procedures, and resources over time.

  • Built organizational consensus around DEI+B definitions and goals while modeling more inclusive processes. 
  • Completed an alignment analysis (review of current data, interviews, and surveys).
  • Created a DEI+B improvement toolkit, including the creation of an audit checklist for key practices, policies, procedures, and marketing materials. 
  • Created performance objectives and a measurement framework to better assess success, effectiveness, and the isolated impact of those improvements. 
  • Built framework for sustainable reviews of ongoing DEI+B work and internal auditing.

Skills: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging Initiatives · Organizational Change · Leadership Development · Measurement Framework · Performance Management · Change Initiative · Strategy ·  L&D Strategy · Project Management · Team Management

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