Global Expansion of Local Staffs

by | Nov 20, 2021

After a significant global expansion, the corporation needed to quickly hire and train its local staffing. A two-prong approach of new education programs and implementing a social media platform decreased “time to work” by 95% and saved USD $9.4M in cost avoidance annually. 

The Challenge

After successfully expanding global business, the corporation needed to increase its workforce significantly. Staffing became an issue, since they needed to manage costs by quickly hiring locally. In addition, to continue to meet client expectations, they didn’t have time to divert from projects to train the new staff. Therefore, they needed a way to onboard and train local hires from multiple countries while getting them working on actual projects immediately.

The Solution

We redefined how teams and individuals learn and connect worldwide by 1) creating new education programs and 2) by implementing a social media platform, which enabled associates and clients to stay current with new solutions and innovations. These two design elements led the overall learning strategy for employees in North America, Europe, Asia, and Oceania by delivering programs that aligned with organizational imperatives and met with client expectations. Our team oversaw instructional analysis, design, and development. We determined program directions, vision, mission, and objectives. Also, we managed the overall operations from project start through to delivery. 

The Results

The company successfully achieved the following:

  • Created several ‘fast-track’ consulting leadership programs to advance talent
  • Decreased time to work by 95% for an associate aspiring to achieve advanced consulting, professional services, and project management positions through the design and development of coaching and apprenticeship programs
  • Generated a 50% reduction in time to develop skill sets for key consulting, professional services, and project management position
  • Saved USD $9.4M in cost avoidance per annum through the creation of recruiting, education, and training efficiencies over a 2YR timeframe

“In the area of learning and change management, I don’t know anyone as good as Shawn. He takes a consultative approach that ensures that all voices are heard and positions the project for success. Shawn truly is a people-focused leader and that means that his strategies are more effective because he believes in what he does with all his heart. He thinks about the future and ensures that his strategies leverage the latest technology and trends. Shawn is willing to roll up his sleeves and jump into an opportunity. He never backs down and is unflappable in the face of any challenge.” 

- Co-Founder/CEO

Skills: Strategy · Instructional Design · Business Development · Management Consulting · Team Development · Education Design · Team Management · Change Management · Performance Management · Change Initiatives InfoTech Process & Performance Improvement · Talent Development · Project Management

About Shawn Foley

Dr. Shawn Foley, Founder of FOLEYWORKS, has spent his career in management consulting, education services, and information sciences, working both in the United States and internationally. His focus has been on advancing people and talent, enhancing organizational capabilities, and accelerating the performance of businesses.

Internationally, he was a leader for workforce education and organizational development at Cerner, an Information Technology company, operating in the United Kingdom, Europe, India, Australia, the Middle East, and Africa. His  primary roles have been in education design, business development, information sciences, data analysis, and IT consulting leadership.

Shawn has also taught and presented worldwide on over 60 topics in information sciences, behavior change, organizational development, communication sciences, diversity and inclusion, and executive leadership coaching.

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Dr. Shawn Foley is the chief executive officer of Foleyworks LLC., located in Kansas City, MO. He has led a mix of remote and in-person teams internationally, across several countries and time zones, and more recently in the United States during the COVID pandemic. His company, Foleyworks, offers education, organization development, and project management services to clients around the world. His work has supported organizations in the US, UK, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Australia. Shawn received his doctorate in education from The Pennsylvania State University’s Department of Learning and Performance Systems and a master of science and technology from Bloomsburg University.